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Ahoomka – be at home

A Ghanaian word meaning total bliss in wealth, success and wellbeing, AHOOMKA LIVING was founded in 2019 by Sheila D. I. Larsen.

From a deep love for mindfulness, personal development, spiritual growth and wellness and in my search for answers I fell upon the realisation that we all are one with the source and the basis of everything in life is LOVE and GRATITUDE.

Love for me, for you, for your loved ones, for your friends and for all things. There are numerous ways we express these concepts of LOVE and GRATITUDE.

I believe our experiences of these should be encompassed in a holistic approach of nourishing both our inner and outer selves. When TIME is taken to indulge in activities and products that take care of the inner and outer selves, practice mindful living and show appreciation for life’s miracles then there is harmony in LOVE and GRATITUDE.

AHOOMKA wishes to bring this experience of luxury mindful living to YOU. With carefully selected luxury products and resources, both locally and internationally sourced, AHOOMKA provides an array of hampers based on mood and themes for you or that special someone.

Whatever the occasion, you will be sure to find a mindful and luxurious gift that in more ways than one expresses your LOVE and GRATITUDE.

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Love & Light