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Jan 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

Dear friend welcome and thank you for passing by Ahoomka’s blog. I am deeply honoured that you are here and for what ever reason, it is my greatest hope that you get something from your time here.

I am on an everlasting journey to heal, grow and live the life I have been put here on earth to live. To be the light and love I wish to see in all and everything.

On this platform I share my journey, learnings and experiences, which I hope will not only be for me but touch your life in some positive way. My journey starts from a deep love for mindfulness, personal development, spiritual growth and wellness. In my search for answers I fell upon the realisation that we all are one with the source and the basis of everything in life is LOVE and GRATITUDE.

Love for me, for you, for your loved ones, for your friends and for all things. There are numerous ways we express these concepts of LOVE and GRATITUDE.

I believe our experiences of these should be encompassed in a holistic approach of nourishing both our inner and outer selves. When  we take TIME to indulge in experiences that take care of the inner and outer selves, practice mindful living and show appreciation for life’s miracles then there is harmony in LOVE and GRATITUDE.

My wish is that we each learn to live in this harmony. Life will not always be “rosy” but no matter what we can look past what is lacking and be grateful for all that there is because if you are reading this then the universe isn’t done with you and all is not lost. So join me on this journey of being and sharing the light and love our world needs.

Love & Light

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